Ninth International Conference on Persons

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

July 31 – August 4, 2007

Call for Papers

The 9th International Conference on Persons will convene Tuesday afternoon, July 31 through Saturday morning, Aug. 4th in Asheville, North Carolina, USA on the campus of the University of North Carolina-Asheville. Papers in any area or discipline are welcome, so long as their theme is of concern to the ideas and concepts of persons, personhood, and personality as a philosophical, theological, psychological, social, political, historical, creative or linguistic concern.

Schedule: International Conference on Persons

Asheville, North Carolina, USA
July 31 – August 4, 2007

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Time                Title Presenter Commentator
1:45-3:00pm Concept of Person: an Indian Philosophical Perspective Raman Deep E. Walden
1:45-3:00pm A Smoking Case in Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons Mike Jostedt Young
3:00-4:15pm The Distinctive Unity of the Person Richard Allen Hall
3:00-4:15pm Same-Self Same-Person Theory of Personal Identity Benjamin Daniel Young Jostedt
3:00-4:15pm Autonomy and Personhood: Freedom, Psychosis, and Choice M. Carmela Epright Fuller
4:30pm Keynote Address: Liberal Education Writ Large Tom Buford,
Furman University


Time                   Title Presenter Commentator
9:00-10:15am Can Scientific Evidence tell us that Dolphins are Persons? Sara Waller Schrappe
9:00-10:15am On the Subject of Subjectivity Troy Catterson Allen
A Kantian Solution to the Problem of Diachronic Object Unity
Eric LaRock
10:20-11:35am The Essential Belonging Together of Man and Being Kevin K. Winters Davis
10:20-11:35am Maurin and Mounier’s Personalist Economics David Schrappe Deep
1:00-2:15pm Personal Identity and the Moral Authority of Advance Directives Andrea Ott
1:00-2:15pm Asian Studies/Asian Religions Elizabeth Walden Waller
1:00-2:15pm 9/11 Scenarios and the Question of the Foundation of the Democratic State: The State for the Human Person or the Human Person for the State? Carlo Panara Peterson
2:30-3:45pm Panel One
4:00-5:15pm The Beginning of Individual Human Personhood Paul S. Penner
4:00-5:15pm The Many and the One: The Ontological Multiplicity and Functional Unity of the Person in the Later Nietzsche John F. Whitmire, Jr. Winters
4:00-5:15pm Subjectivity and Accountability: Butler’s Self and the Ethics of Opacity Asher Walden


Time                  Title Presenter Commentator
9:00-10:15am Autonomy, Respect for Persons, and Rights for Participants of Human Subject Research Phil Cronce
9:00-10:15am A Community of the Righteous: An Exegeses of the Five Epigrams of Otherwise than Being Richard A. Cohen McLachlan
10:20-11:35am Corporeality and the Contours of Subjectivity Duane Davis Whitmire
10:20-11:35am Personas, Suffering and Transcendence Gene Long McLachlan
10:20-11:35am Pimping Marcel’s Ride: Reading His Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity in a New Light Sally Fischer Skryzypczak
Understanding Character—A Proper Picture of Moral Psychology for Virtue-Related Ethical Theories Hua Wang
The Person beyond Ontology: Levinas’ Reading of Shestov’s Reading of Kierkegaard James McLachlan Cohen
Persons as Supra Pretium: Kant and Moltmann on Human Dignity Daryl Hale Fischer
1:00pm Lunch & Outing


Time                  Title Presenter Commentator
9:00-10:15am The Polytheism of William James Richard A.S. Hall Lane
9:00-10:15am Personalistic Theism of Borden Parker Bowne Piotr Pochylski Hale
9:00-10:15am The Problem of the Philosophical Person Patricia Turrisi A. Walden
10:20-11:35am Peirconhood: A Neo-Peircean Account of Personhood Robert Lane Catterson
10:20-11:35am Personalism of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Bogumil Gacka Hofbauer
10:20-11:35am The Authentic Self as a Beautiful Work of Art Charles Lowney Carli
1:00-2:15pm Nurturing Narratives/Noxious Narratives: Shortened Childhood/Prolonged Adolescence Richard Prust Worth
1:00-2:15pm Italian Personalism Robert Skrzypczak Gacka
1:00-2:15pm Aristotle’s Poetics and Narrative Identity Silvia Carli Huff
2:30-3:45pm Panel 2
4:00-5:15pm A Philosophical Critique of Cognitive Psychology’s Definition of the ‘Person’ Rosa Turrisi Fuller Pochylski
4:00-5:15pm Personalism as Music: A Philosophical Tribute to William M. Jones d. 5/14/07 Richard Beauchamp
4:00-5:15pm Is Aquinas’ Ethical Theory a ‘Personal’ One? John Hofbauer Lowney


Time                  Title Presenter Commentator
9:00-10:15am Whose Person is He? Changing the Lens of Philosophy—Reading Martin Luther King Jr’s DuBoisian Social Organization as Africana Philosophy Tommy J. Curry Turrisi
9:00-10:15am Persons and Power: Max Scheler and Michel Foucault on the Spiritualization of Power Kenneth W. Stikkers Cronce
10:20-11:35am Retrieving Solidarity in Contemporary Virtue Ethics Benjamin Huff Curry
10:20-11:35am Aristotle on Tyche and the Biological ‘Roots’ of Character Julie Eileen Ponsesse
11:45am Business Meeting